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To provide personalized legal services of the highest

quality and to obtain the best possible results for our clients.


What should you do when someone in your family has been injured or killed by the

negligent actions of others? 

What should you do when you are left with grief, anger and the knowledge that nothing can undo what has been done?


You can not change the past or simply erase the pain, suffering and loss. But you can and should set about to build the best possible future for you and your loved ones.

Putting your life back together might be the biggest challenge you will ever face. Getting realistic and fair compensation to which you are entitled can help you and your family meet that challenge.

In addition, we believe pursuit and receipt of a substantial damage award can motivate a defendant to act more responsibly. Your actions today could help others.

Making our legal system work for you

We know pursuing the compensation you deserve can seem intimidating. Our legal system is complicated. You could be facing adversaries with significant resources and a deep determination to give you as little compensation as possible. Even though all you want is to get what's right and fair for your family - and hold accountable those responsible for your situation - it's easy to feel powerless.

That's where we come in. Our firm is dedicated to representing victims and their families in wrongful death and personal injury cases anywhere in the United States. It's the only work we do - period.

We know how to make the legal system work for you as it should. We know where to find medical, engineering and safety experts to testify for you. We know how to prepare cases. We know how to negotiate with insurers and defense attorneys.

Not only do we know what to do, but we also have the resources to handle significant litigation - to gather evidence, hire the experts and prepare for trial. Yet, because we work on contingency, we earn nothing unless we win your case. And because you've had enough heartache, we won't let you hire us unless we believe we can help.


"When we represent people seriously injured in an accident, we can't do what we would really like to - restore their health. But what we can do, is try to get them money for their pain and suffering and to improve their quality of life."

-Olan R. Reese, Esq. and Richard F. Kwarciak, Esq.

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